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Our next level 1 session will start on July. 20th, 2015.
The 1st lesson will be on July. 20th,(Mon.), or July. 25th,(Sat.)
Weekday class: Mon & Wed:(1 lesson/hr/day; twice a week.)
Weekend class: Sat. (2 lessons together, once a week.)
You can pick any schedule below:

Our next, next session will start on Oct. 5th(Mon), or 10th(Sat.)2015.

Tuition for Beginner level Group Class
$30.00/lesson,  $30.00 x 22 lessons =$660.00
Plus: Study Material (Textbook & CD): $40.00
Also registration fee for new student: $20.00
  • Total tuition $720.00

If you also need to buy the following books:
Our "How to write Chinese" book 1 is: $12.
We'll check your writing homework every lesson.  
"Oxford Beginners Chinese Dictionary" is: $16.
You need it when you want to create all your sentences in Chinese.

If you miss the class, can you make up?

Yes, you can always make up your missed class by joining in the following
schedule class. For example: If you sign in by Class Code M002, but you
can't make it sometimes, you can switch to M003 or S001 for Free. You are
allowed to switch as many times as you want during Level 1 for absolutely
free of charge. We just don't want you to miss any lesson.

You can also choose to have our online video lessons to make up in case
you have to miss any lesson. The video lessons were shot in HD quality
during our group class, so it's the exact same as you sit in our group class.
Very flexible! You can take our online class at any time, anywhere you want.
Just go to our website, and click "online video class",  then click "Level 1.",
you can click any lesson you want. It's just $25./lesson, but for all our
existing students, you can just pay $10./lesson. We'll email you "How to
take our online lessons" after you enroll in.
You can make up your lessons in any way you like. So you'll never miss a
Beginner Class Schedules
Start Date
Every Mon.& Wed.
Every Saturday
Class Code
5:15pm --6:15pm
6:30pm - 7:30pm
  1:00pm - 3:10pm
Our school will be closed:
May. 11th~16th, 15.----1 week off.
May. 25th, 15.----"Memorial Day"----1 day off.
July 3rd~July. 8th----"Independence Day"----1 week off.
"A Very Unique Program"  
We guarantee that you'll definitely love it!
Online Class
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