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Hi, my name is Dina Shen, welcome to Fast learning Chinese!
If you're searching for a good Chinese teacher and an effective
learning program, you've just got it.

I approach teaching Chinese in my own unique way.
I have developed a unique and dynamic program.
I will teach you Mandarin Chinese easily and quickly.
I will deliver you-----

I guarantee you'll be satisfied with my Chinese Learning Program and
my teaching style. By just trying one lesson, you'll see that you can
easily speak over 100 sentences in Chinese right away, you can also
ask questions in Chinese, read and write in Chinese immediately.
Does that sound impossible? Find it out by yourself in just an hour.
If our program isn't right for you, we'll give you a 100% money back
right away.
See what students are talking about our program or Reviews on Yelp
you'll have a better idea.
Let us know if you have any inquiry, we'll be very happy to help you.
Thanks for watching! We hope to see you soon!
Dina Shen

Here's a review written by one of our students on Yelp:
I am a retired Professor of French, who spent a career directly engaged in
supervising language-learning classes. In my long experience, I have never
encountered a more brilliant language teacher than Dina Shen, whose
school, Fast Learning Chinese, should serve as a model for how to teach the
Chinese language.  
Chinese teachers are notoriously challenged as pedagogues. Dina Shen
brings to her classroom a dynamic, charismatic presence that compels
attention and overcomes resistances. But her enthusiasm is as focused as it
is generous. Besides exuberance Dina has a method. She is the author of all
the remarkable written texts that are used in the course, coherently and
attractively designed to introduce the student into the considerable
complications of writing, speaking, and understanding Mandarin.  Dina's
school offers the maximum flexibility to people who have limited time for
classes. She makes use of the most up to date electronic facilities to allow
students to make up classes or work on their own. She is even available for
Dina is a phenomenon. Immensely intelligent, wonderfully expressive and
caring, she has been teaching others since an early age. Her talents were
already recognized growing up in China. Her classmates preferred her
teaching to that of the master in the class. She has infinite patience, is never
judgmental, always focused and encouraging.
I felt immensely privileged to be able to study with such an inspiring teacher
and recommend her as warmly as I can.

Richard Klein                                                          ---------Cornell University.
Fast Learning Chinese.  

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New York, NY 10001.  Tel:  212 869-8785;  
"A Very Unique Program"  
We guarantee that you'll definitely love it!
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Learning Chinese with the most experienced Chinese Language teacher
Why Fast Learning Chinese?
Have you always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese, but you were afraid to try?
The truth is that learning Mandarin can be easy and fun! Take a look at a brief
overview of our program and some testimonials from our current students. You'll
learn why Fast Learning Chinese is one of the most popular and highest-rated
Mandarin programs in the New York City area.
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Fast learning Chinese program has a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.
We emphasize your listening, speaking, reading and writing ability during
each lesson. You can feel that at the very beginning of your 1st lesson.
*The video above was produced entirely by our own students in July, 2015.
Thanks so much for all their kindness!