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Hi, my is Dina Shen, welcome to Fast learning Chinese.

If you're searching for a good Chinese teacher and an effective
learning program, you've just got it.

I approach teaching Chinese in my own unique way.
I have developed a unique and dynamic program.
I will teach you Mandarin Chinese easily and quickly.
I will deliver you----- VICTORY!

I guarantee you'll be satisfied with my Chinese Learning Program and
my teaching style. By just trying one lesson, you'll see that you can
easily speak over 100 sentences in Chinese right away, you can also
ask questions in Chinese, and read and write in Chinese immediately.
Does that sound impossible? Find it out by yourself in just an hour.

If our program isn't right for you, we'll give you a 100% money back
right away.

See what students are talking about our program or Reviews on Yelp
you'll have a better idea.

Let us know if you have any inquiry, we'll be very happy to help you.

Dina Shen

Here're two letters from our students:
Dear Dina,
After having taken your 3 levels of Chinese (with no prior exposure to the language), I am
amazed by the level I have achieved and by how much I can say, write and understand of
the Chinese language. I know that my accomplishments are undoubtedly a result of your
undeniable talent as a language teacher.

I, myself, am a French teacher so I know a good teacher when I see one. Besides learning
Chinese, I also got many pointers on how to be an efficient language teacher by observing
your dedication to your students as well as benefiting from your extensive knowledge
about the methodology of language teaching. Your classes are prepared in a constructive
and intelligent way, not to mention taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

As your student, I had to work hard outside of class. Studying and practicing are an
essential part of learning a language. Yet this hard work outside of class would not have
paid off as it did if it were not for your talent. What made the overall experience a
satisfying one was the fact that you understand that language cannot be taught properly
in a vacuum. For each new word (whether it be a character or its pinyin transcription), you
gave us its epistemological origin as well as clear ways to remember it. You never made
this whole learning process a tedious one. All your classes were fun and interesting, yet
I am leaving New York soon; I will miss you and your classes. And I will continue learning
Chinese now that I have had the best Chinese teacher ever.
xiè xiè!
Muriel Placet-Kouassi.              ---------------Drew University, NJ.

I am a retired Professor of French, who spent a career directly engaged in supervising
language-learning classes. In my long experience, I have never encountered a more
brilliant language teacher than Dina Shen, whose school, Fast Learning Chinese, should
serve as a model for how to teach the Chinese language.  Chinese teachers are
notoriously challenged as pedagogues. Dina Shen brings to her classroom a dynamic,
charismatic presence that compels attention and overcomes resistances. But her
enthusiasm is as focused as it is generous. Besides exuberance Dina has a method. She
is the author of all the remarkable written texts that are used in the course, coherently
and attractively designed to introduce the student into the considerable complications of
writing, speaking, and understanding Mandarin.  Dina's school offers the maximum
flexibility to people who have limited time for classes. She makes use of the most up to
date electronic facilities to allow students to make up classes or work on their own. She is
even available for tutoring.
Dina is a phenomenon. Immensely intelligent, wonderfully expressive and caring, she has
been teaching others since an early age. Her talents were already recognized growing up
in China. Her classmates preferred her teaching to that of the master in the class. She
has infinite patience, is never judgmental, always focused and encouraging. I felt
immensely privileged to be able to study with such an inspiring teacher and recommend
her as warmly as I can.
Richard Klein                                  ---------Cornell University.

Want to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Travel to China, or live and work in China?
Want to do business with Chinese Corporations?
Looking for a new job and a better opportunity?
Need to deal with Chinese people?
Or, you just want to teach your kids and students some Chinese?
Are you expecting someone who can help you, or some amazing program
that will teach you this language easily and quickly?
Do you worry about spending a lot of money and time, but then find out that
it's too hard to continue, so you just give up?

You've just found the right teacher and the right program.

Just take 22 lessons, and you'll be able to speak almost any topic you want
in Chinese. We're 100% sure that this program will be easier and faster for
you to learn. It's suitable for any beginners of any grade, and both students
and adults. We'll let you try the 1st lesson to see if you can learn from us.
If not, we won't charge at all. So try it out, we guarantee you'll love it!

Fast Learning Chinese is a very unique program.

It's completely different from any other outside existing programs. It allows
you to learn the most within the shortest time without feeling any difficulty.
Our Level 1 program, which is easy and will be fun for you, is suitable for all
the new beginners. You will learn so much during Level 1 (22 hours) that you
can speak any topic you want and you can even learn by yourself after that.
It's like a golden key, and we'll give it to you. You'll discover a whole new
world by yourself. This program will benefit you throughout your whole life.
After you try our 1st lesson, you can evaluate this program by yourself
immediately, and then decide if you want to enroll or not. In this case, you
won't waste your money and your time.

Who designed this "Fast Learning Chinese" program?

Fast Learning Chinese was created and designed by Dina Shen, who used to
be one of the top language teachers in China. She's very good at editing
text materials into a very interesting but easy way to learn and understand
Chinese. Dina Shen has been in New York for over 20 years and operated her
own trading business. During these years, she has found that lots of people
wanted to learn Chinese. They've tried some lessons here and there, and
they've spent a lot of money, but they learned really little and found those
programs to be very hard. Most of them felt that it was too difficult to
continue, so they gave up. She always thought that some day she could help
them with her unique experience.

She always says: "When you feel it's easy, you'll learn a lot. When you
feel it's difficult, you'll learn little because you refuse to learn."

Dina Shen designed these programs for all the people who want to learn
Mandarin Chinese in an easy, effective, and fast way.

We started our first term from Aug. 13th, 2007. The result was a fantastic.
All the students told us that they've never had such an experience in their
life. They never imagined that learning Chinese could be that simple. Most
of her students continued to Level 2 and 3 with their excellent experiences.
They wanted to improve more in their writing & reading capability, based on
Level 1. They enjoyed every single lesson here. They were so proud about
themselves that within just 22 hours, they could already read and write over
168 Chinese characters and they completely understood each word and its
meaning. They could talk about any topic they wanted in their daily life and
could communicate freely in Chinese.

We are 100% sure that you will learn much more than any other
existing programs with each lesson in our school.

Here's a letter from 3 brothers who specially came from very south of
New Jersey every Sat., finished all our 3 levels in a group class.

Thank You Dina;

Spending Saturday afternoons in New York City learning Chinese from such a
warm and dedicated teacher with my two brothers was a nice experience for
me personally.
The amount of material that you cover in class with the book and CD for
review at home creates a perfect mix for learning.
Your knowledge of the subject matter and method of teaching combined to
give us a firm foundation in understanding the Chinese
language.                                                 --------Doug Harnaga.

I absolutely agree with Doug.
In addition, while our journey (one way needs 2 hours by train) from New
Jersey to your class in NYC usually took up our whole Saturday, but it was
made worthwhile by your warm smile and your dedication to teaching.
Completing your Chinese program Level 1, 2 and 3 may not have been an
easy task. However, you made it very pleasant. I appreciate your willingness
to spend any time needed before or after class to help with our learning.
Thank you so much and I wish you much success with your
future.                                                     ----Jim Harnaga.

Thanks Dina! With your accelerated learning program, I was able to learn
3-years of Chinese in only about one year.  ----Robert Harnaga.

Who are our students and where do they come from?

We have all kinds of students.
They are from all the different fields, such as: Nurses/doctors, workers,
actors/actresses, singers, students, lawyers,  teachers/professors, investors,
company owners, designers, etc.
They come from 5 boroughs in NY, some come from NJ., CT., PA., MA, NC.,
Some even come from France, Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil, Britain and lots
of other countries.
Some students learned Chinese in Shanghai or Beijing for 1 to 2 years, and
found that they made a very slow progress there, so they especially came to
New York to learn our program, and everyone said that he/she has never had
such a great experience before.

We are certified by The State Education Dept. Of New York.

Fast learning Chinese program has a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.
We emphasize your listening, speaking, reading and writing ability during
each lesson. You can feel that at the very beginning of your 1st lesson.
Fast Learning Chinese.  

147 W. 35th ST, Suite# 1005 (10Fl.,)
New York, NY 10001.  Tel:  212 869-8785;  
"A Very Unique Program"  
We guarantee that you'll definitely love it!
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